Replacing Sliding Screen Doors

Clear Choice Window Cleaning service, based in Carlsbad, is now happy to offer customscreen door replacement. We build screen doors to match any door size. Clear Choice Window Cleaning provides custom-sized screen doors at less cost than most providers and we use better materials than our competetors.

Standard sliding glass door sizes are less common in the modern home so we have adapted to meet the demand for custom sized screen doors. Ours is a complete service, from measuring the door frame to installing the new sliding screen door. Our doors are top quality featuring sturdy frames and metal wheels for an easy glide. By using quality material to build our sliding screen doors we solve the common problems that home owners experiance with screen doors: doors that do not slide well and are therefore hard to open or close and doors that have bent out of shape and no longer close.

Our superior quality sliding screen doors are available in standard sizes as well as custom sizes. Its easy to replace a standard screen door and the temptation to run down to Home Depot to pick up the cheapest one is common, however the cheapest screen doors fall apart quickly, do not slide well and do not fit well.
On my own home I replaced the same screen door three times. I went to Home Depot and picked up the cheapest one and installed it and found that it was of unacceptable quality, so I took it back and picked up the more expensive one and found it was not any better, so I went back and purchased the most expensive door I could find there and still I was not happy with the materials it was made from; it had plastic wheels and was made from the same low gauge aluminum as the cheap one. After this experience I decided the only way to get a good quality door was to build it myself and have been doing so ever since. View Site

Cleaning Window Frames and Window Tracks

In my occupation as window cleaner, owner-operator of Clear Choice Window Cleaning of Carlsbad, I have come across many dirty window frames and window tracks. Vacuuming window tracks is part of my customary window cleaning service, and so is wiping down window frames when needed. In addition to cleaning window frames I also vacuum and wipe down window sills, and when it is necessary I will brush around the vertical and overhanging surfaces of a window’s recess to remove spider webs and dust.

Vinyl window frames are easiest to clean and respond well to soap and water. I use a clean sponge to wipe them down and a clean lint free rag to dry them. Near the coast of San Diego’s North County, the moist air and ambient sunlight provide the ideal conditions to support the growth of black mold. Water vapor that collects on window surfaces runs down to pool at the bottom of window tracts. The access to water and ambient sunlight found directly near a window provide the perfect petri dish for this insidious pest. I have found that the best way to clean out tracks, where this mold is growing, is to spray on them a liberal amount of denatured rubbing alcohol. A vinyl surface will clean up nicely with alcohol and the alcohol will kill the mold. After I have cleaned a tract that was black with mold I like to spray it again with denatured alcohol and let it pool there and run into the cracks and corners of the frame. This will ensure that any mold that I was unable to remove will die. This kind of deep cleaning is a special service performed only upon specific request.

When you have cleaned windows professionally for as long as I have you will come across every kind of debris that collects on and around windows. I had a customer request that I remove the window tracks and clean underneath them, as the mold that collected in them was so prevalent. After inspecting her windows I declined the job as it would require removing some of her windows and taking apart some of her window frames. The job was above my pay-grade and skill set. 
 Up to this point I am not a window installation service, only a cleaning service. The job in question required a marriage of these two trades. I am happy to recommend a window instillation service and have found a small business that I can trust to recommend.

Building and Repairing Window Screens

Clear Choice Window Cleaning of Carlsbad is happy to offer tips for repairing and replacing window screens. If you have a screen that is in good condition but the meshing is torn, than it may only be necessary to replace the nylon mesh. This involves taking the old mesh out by pulling out the rubber seal, than stretching new screen mesh over the frame. This requires a little practice, the right tools and a method for achieving the right tension in the stretch (too much tension will bow the screen frame inward, too little will make pillowy folds that billow in the wind.) If the frame itself is damaged than it is best to replace it with a new screen.

Since windows come in all brands and sizes it is best to build a screen using the old screen as a guide. When you remove the screen from the window take note of how easy or difficult it is to remove. If the screen is very tight and hard to remove than it is a tad too tall or wide, if it pops out almost on its own it is too loose and needs more hight or width. You can make note of these dimensions and adjust them when you build a new frame.
There is a variety of screen frame material on the market, most are a varying gauge of aluminum. Tract homes in North San Diego County feature frames of a ubiquitous thin gauge aluminum that is easy to cut and generally easiest to work with. The advantage of this type of screen-frame is that it seats neatly in most window wells, but there are custom windows that it does not fit. Custom windows sometimes feature a very marginal recess for the screen to seat into. In order to properly square a frame in certain custom windows it will be necessary to use a high gauge aluminum material.

In addition to window cleaning Clear Choice offers screen repair and replacement service to North County San Diego. While cleaning windows we customarily remove and clean screens and make note of any that need repair or replacement. It is our aim to provide a comprehensive and cost effective service to each and every one of our valued customers.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Clear Choice Window Cleaning of Carlsbad enjoys working with property managers and business owners in San Diego county. Our competitively priced service aims to keep the windows of commercial properties clean all year. We have found over the years that by keeping the cost of our service low we have encouraged our customers to clean the windows of their workplace more than once a year. This has been a win/win arrangement for both the client and the Clear Choice. Many buildings are now able keep their working environment clean by scheduling semi-annual or quarterly window cleanings. In an office building that is comprised mostly of glass our service has brightened the workspaces of many people. We love what we do and enjoy working outdoors. We are happiest when we can improve the home or working environments of the hardworking folks in our north county community.

Clear Choice is happy to help our commercial cliental maximize the benefit of our service by tailoring a schedule which takes into consideration local weather patterns and other factors that cause windows to get dirty. We are happy to make recommendations that help keep windows clean, such as aiming sprinkler heads away from the glass as this can cause hard-water stains. Clear Choice offers an effective way to remove hard-water mineral deposits that have bonded with glass over time. Also we are always happy to help a company get ready for big events, those times when it is important to impress out-of-town associates with a clean building.

Removing hard-water spots

Clear Choice Window Cleaning of Carlsbad would like to take this opportunity to write specifically about hard-water stains on windows. Hard-water is mineral laden water. Some minerals bond molecularly to glass. When water heavy in minerals evaporates it leaves behind minerals. Over time the minerals collect. This is seen on windows as a milky film or milky spots. Water from our local municipality is full of minerals, some naturally occurring and some added to kill bacteria. The common way that windows receive a buildup of mineral material is from sprinklers that spray directly onto glass. It is important to aim sprinkler heads so that they spray away from your building because hard-water deposits are not easily removed and will necessitate the cost of replacement if this matter is not addressed.

There are two methods of removing hard-water stains from glass. One is to employ a battery of noxious acid products that are difficult and dangerous to work with. Clear Choice has experimented with all of these products and has found a much more effective, non-toxic solution. Clear Choice employs a mild abrasive clay product that buffets away mineral deposits without harming the glass. Fortunately glass is a harder substance than the minerals that bond with it so they can be buffeted out if the damage is not too severe. There is much labor involved in this process but it is far cheaper than replacing a window. By this method windows with only moderate hard-water deposits come completely clean, heavily damaged (partially opaque) windows become greatly improved, while severely damaged windows (totally opaque) should be replaced. It is the aim of Clear Choice to save building-owners the expense of replacing windows by employing our tried and true method of hard-water spot removal in North San Diego County. Contact us and find out what you can do to save the windows of your commercial property or home.

Cleaning off Algae

After this long wet winter and recent coastal eddie you may be experiencing a bloom of green algae on your patio concrete, roof tiles, or even the north-facing exterior of your home. Green algae loves to hid in rain gutters, and if your rain-gutters have not been cleaned out, they have damp soil in them; a perfect ecology for algae. Clear Choice Window Cleaning of Carlsbad, CA. has been having great success removing green algae from residences in North County San Diego. We have found that the best way to remove green algae is to blast it away with a steady stream of water at high velocity. We employ the latest pressure washing technology to accomplish this. We safely clean entire roofs of algae to restore the tiles to their original color. When a blackened roof returns to its true, light red-clay color the transformation is remarkable.

I would like to offer a few tips regarding algae removal. It is important to do a thorough job of it. Algae will follow the course of water in its growth pattern so start from the crest of your roof and work downward. (by all means us a rope-anchoring system up there, for wet algae is mighty slippery). Make sure to clean out your rain gutters and wash all debris down your walls and off your concrete onto your lawn and landscape. Algae will not harm your grass or landscape for this is its proper home wherein it provides nutrients to your soil. Also the townships of North County San Diego forbid rinsing any material down storm drains even if it is organic. Use a powerful machine, but make sure the nozzle does not concentrate the water-jet too much; as the wrong nozzle attachment can cause damage.

This blog is about green algae because it is the most common type of algae growing in our area and it can be cleaned off. Be aware that there is a type of black algae that grows deep roots and does not come off. Black algae loves to root itself into stucco walls. In which case the best thing to do is power-wash it to remove all the organic matter that you can, kill it with stain-kill and paint over it. For black algae re-painting is the only solution, because it effectively cuts off the plant from its oxygen source. Clear Choice is proud to offer our competitively priced and experienced painting service.

Clear Choice’s competitively priced pressure washing service is an economical way to safely and effectively clean the entire exterior surface of your home. After which we will give you a discount price on cleaning your windows. For more information regarding our services and to contact us visit:

Spring Cleaning

One of the easiest ways to clean your home is to wash the windows. A clean home with dirty windows still looks dirty. If the weather is nice and the sun is trying to shine through why not clean all your windows and the window screens, vacuum the window tracts and brush off the exterior window sills. If you have the time and equipment and the knowhow and energy for the task than you might add this to your list of spring cleaning chores. Clear Choice Window Cleaning of Carlsbad, CA. is a family owned and operated company that has perfected the art of cleaning windows. We are an owner-operated business; which ensures that you get quality service. To better facilitate our customers needs we provide services such as: window screen repair and window screen replacement, pressure-washing and painting.

Window cleaning can be a tough job if your windows have not been cleaned in some years. It can be well worth hiring a professional if you have a large home or office and, or high windows. Here are a couple of tips I recommend for those shopping for a window cleaner. First, make sure you hire someone who carries insurance. Second, If you hire a local service you will most likely recieve better service and a better price. Third, find out if the company you call is owner-operated as this generally ensures that you get the best service.

For more information visit:

Pressure Washing

Clear Choice window cleaning in Carlsbad offers our Pressure-Washing (Power-Washing) service as a safe and effective way to clean the entire exterior of your house. Cobwebs, dirt, bird droppings, soot, algae and other material can build-up on the surface of your home, over time detracting from curb appeal. Blasting debris free from the top of the eves all the way down to the ground washes dirt away and makes new. If your house is really dirty this is a very dramatic restoration, yet simple and affordable. We can remove algae, lichen and moss that have accumulated on tile roofs as well as oil-stains on driveways. Pressure-Washing is also a necessary preparation for painting exterior surfaces. If you wish to carry your restoration further, Clear Choice is happy to offer our licensed painting service.

sealing leaking windows

Clear Choice Window Cleaning would like to say that it has been a joy to work with property management companies in North San Diego County. During this rainy spell we have been sealing leaking windows on the buildings we maintain with clear silicon. This is a painstaking task that involves running a bead of waterproofing caulk around the window to make it watertight. I have found a few common reasons why windows leak around the edges: wood-frames have a tendency to breakdown in the moist sea-air and they are prone to termite activity, also the sun breaks down the rubber stripping that seals glass in metal-framed windows; large pains of glass often get so hot in the summer that the rubber encasement warps. Re-Sealing windows involves applying a bead of clear silicon around all four edges and is a specialized task inherent in the upkeep of old commercial buildings. Of course we are always glad to re-seal a leaking residential window too. When caulking a window-frame it is important to be neat and precise. There is a measure of skill involved in doing the job right. Experience is important as well as having the right equipment and skill to access windows that are high above the ground. Based in Carlsbad, Clear Choice is a company that specializes in accessing hard to reach places. In addition to window cleaning it is our pleasure to seal windows, along with power washing and screen repair.

Interior Window Cleaning

The Cleanest Method of Cleaning Windows Indoors.
The stormy weather we have been having lately In San Diego County has prompted some of my customers to inquire about the methods Clear Choice Window Cleaning of Carlsbad employs to clean interior windows. Due to the muddy ground outside many people have just had their carpets cleaned and are concerned that their window cleaner could track in mud or drip onto the carpet as they wash windows indoors. I am quick to point out that a truly professional window cleaning service takes great pains to avoid tracking anything in from outdoors and has the skill and equipment necessary to avoid dripping on any interior surface. I would like to enumerate here on the checklist I run through before beginning my work on the inside of any home. It is a list I put my co-workers and Employees through before we start any job.
Number one. I examine my clothing to make sure my appearance is neat and clean. Usually I bring two pairs of shoes to any job. A pair of Shoes for inside the home: which are new, white, and never worn outside for any reason, and a pair for outside work which are never worn inside for any reason. I make sure I arrive in a clean pair of socks and keep extras in my truck because I often work inside without shoes. I find that working in a new clean pair of socks inspires the most confidence from homeowners and is just a polite way of entering home; I find that most people don’t wear shoes in their own homes.
Secondly, I examine all my equipment. Ladders, buckets, tools, towels and tool belts must be clean and completely free of debris. I always arrive to any job with clean towels and take time to wipe down my ladders, especially the feet of ladders and the bottoms of buckets to make sure that I don’t set anything dirty on the carpet.
Next, upon entering a home I work in a methodical direction so I do not have to backtrack or miss anything. I bring a high-powered portable vacuum with me to clean the sills, window-tracts and any cobwebs or flies that may have accumulated near the windows. I place a large towel beneath every surface I clean to catch any drips. I wring out my sponges and strip-washer in a bucket before every window to remove excess water and I keep my tools clean and in their watertight scabbards when not in use.
Last, I always clean the interior windows before I clean the exterior windows. This insures that I do not track anything in by going in and out. It takes a professional to work on every home in this manner because many windows have screens and access from the outside can by tricky. There is actually a fair bit of thought that goes into setting oneself up to work outside without having to go back inside to close a window or fit a screen back in its place.

Thirty five years of window cleaning

Clear Choice Window Cleaning has been serving San Diego County for ten years. Founded in 1999 our company expanded to form a partnership in 2007. Our senior partner has 35 years of window cleaning experience to his credit. He is a valuable member of our team and knows how to make customers happy. Clear Choice is a family owned and operated business, with a focus on quality work, competitive prices and excellent customer service. Clear Choice is a reliable service: showing up on time and always keeping its appointments. Our staff is the very best in the trade, friendly, safe, meticulous, they aim to please every customer. Clear Choice is neat and tidy about there work indoors and careful when they have to move furniture to access a window. Clear Choice residential window cleaning is largely a referral based business: we find our greatest advertisement to be the satisfied customer, and the quality of our work tends to be our best advertisement. Our residential service includes exterior window washing, interior window washing, screen cleaning and vacuuming tracts and window sills. Clear Choice window cleaning is member of the San Diego Better Business Bureau. Clear Choice is also a commercial window cleaning company. Employing the latest in d-ionized water-fed pole technology we can access hard to reach windows. Clear Choice specializes in competitive rates for large buildings, tall windows and regular scheduled cleanings. We offer frequent cleaning service to restaurants, store-fronts and office buildings. Clear Choice washes the windows of newly constructed homes, offices and commercial buildings, safely removing construction debris: paint-overspray, silicon and even stucco from windows and mirrors and we clean window frames upon request. Clear Choice offers a screen repair service, which includes rebuilding the frames of bent and broken screens and replacing torn screen material. Clear Choice also provides a Pressure Washing service which safely cleans the entire exterior of home or office. Our pressure washing service removes all debris from walls, eves, roofs, ceilings, walkways and driveways. Our pressure-washing methods allow us to clean oil stains, soot and other tough to clean material. Clear Choice Window Cleaning does its very best to schedule its customers in a timely fashion; we take calls and schedule appointments after regular business hours to make it easy for our customers to reach us. For more information visit site “>

Water Spots and Clouded Windows

Clear Choice Window Cleaning has observed that water-spots and beclouded windows are two common problems a homeowner comes across when cleaning their windows. If you have thoroughly cleaned a window inside and out and it still looks opaque than you might have water trapped between pane’s of glass. Most windows these days are dual paned; they are composed of two panes of glass with a pocket of gas sandwiched between. If you examine the edges and corners of a dual-paned window you will notice the space between each pain of glass. On some windows the space between the interior pane and the exterior pain is only a fraction of an inch, on others it is as much as an inch or more. To determine if you have dual pained windows consider three things, First if your home is relatively new it must necessarily have dual-pained windows because this is in keeping with modern building code. Secondly, the sliding portion of a window must be relatively light in order to move it back and forth in its track. If you look carefully at the edges and frame of your glass and determine the thickness of the entire window consider that if the whole composition were entirely comprised of glass it would be extremely heavy, probably too heavy to lift or easily slide back and forth. And third, you should be able to see internal rubber weather stripping between the panes and, or an internal spacing frame of plastic or aluminum.
What do duel pained windows have to do with a window that simply will not come clean. If the window in question looks cloudy, usually an opaque milky white, it probably has water trapped between the internal pane of glass and the external pane of glass. This happens when the airtight seal around the edges of the glass breaks down allowing moister to seep between the glass panes. Once between the glass the water has trouble getting out. As the sun heats up the glass the trapped water clouds, then as it cools, condenses again. This happens over and over again unless the em water is freed and the window is re-sealed. Clear Choice Window Cleaning Service of San Diego recommends replacing any windows with this problem as a sure fire solution to the problem. Try It is possible to draw the moisture out of the window by drilling a small hole in the glass and vacuuming the water out with specifically designed equipment but this does not solve the initial problem of preventing moisture from getting between the glass in the first place, i.e addressing the problem of a compromised seal.
What about a buildup of water-spots on the window? A buildup of water spots on a window that shows no sign of clouding is probably an external problem. Hard-water: water that is heavy with elements, deposits all its molecularly bonded material when it evaporates. These deposits bake onto the glass when it heats up in the sun because glass gets to very high temperatures in direct sunlight, these elements actually etch themselves into the glass. This is a typical problem that develops when tap-water, which is high in minerals and elements, consistently washes over glass. To determine if hard water is staining the external side of your window, first clean it, then rub your fingers across its external surface and then go inside and feel its internal surface. Compare how The interior of the window feels to the outside surface. A clean undamaged window should feel smooth to the touch. If the outside of the window feels rougher than the inside and there is obvious water spots that do not wash off no matter how much you scrub than they are indeed on the external surface of the glass.
Hard-water stains are most often caused by sprinkler systems. Clear Choice Window Cleaning Service also has a sprinkler installation devision: Clear Choice Irrigation of North County San Diego is well adept at offering an on the spot solution. Often a minor adjustment to a nozzle or moving a sprinkler head will solve the problem. The next thing to address is the window itself. Clear Choice Window Cleaning of San Diego does employ a method that safely removes hard-water stains, hard water spots, calcium and mineral buildup on windows and other glass surfaces such as shower-doors and mirrors. site “>

Washing Windows on the Beach

Why do the windows of my coastal home require so much cleaning? This is a question I am often asked. For over a decade I have operated Clear Choice Window Cleaning Service in the beach cities of LaJolla, Del Mar, Cardiff by the Sea, Solana Beach, Encinitas, Leucadia, Carlsbad and Oceanside; during which I have had much time to contemplate the grime i was cleaning off windows and screens and window-tracts and window-sills. The basic reason that coastal homes get so dirty is because there is nothing shielding them from the greatest expanse on earth: the Pacific Ocean. West of the beach there are no trees or hills or bluffs or even sand dunes to catch what the wind carries. And the natural cooling effect of the cold Pacific water creates on-shore winds most afternoons, so there is a steady current of wind-blown debris coming inland every day.
I once lived right across the street from the beach. There was only one house between my living room window and the ocean. While my windows got plenty dirty I knew that they where significantly less dirty than the tall house in front of me. I know this from experience. Whenever I wash the windows of a house right on the beach it is always dirtier than one on the leeward side of the street, furthermore as one goes a few blocks inland homes suffer significantly less from the fallout of windblown debris.
Washing windows on the coast of North San Diego can be a frustrating task even for a professional. One often has to wash a window several times before it looks clean(salt tends to leave a film and is resistant to the effects of soap), and windblown sand- grains can cause the squeegee blade to streak. Also every surface resides in a damp condition so dirt tends to stick to the side of a building like it was a wet paper towel. What kind of filth can a person expect to find on their beachfront windows? Salt, bird-shit, sand, plant debris from the cattails in lagoons, a whales bad breath, smog from Honolulu… But what is this black powdery grime that cakes on every ledge and sill?
You may wonder as I have, what on gods green earth is that black grime all over my window sills? Well the answer is that it does not actually come from nature; as one would guess the truly awful stuff comes from our own hands—well figuratively it comes from our hands, literally it is combination of car-tire rubber from Interstate 5 mixed with exhaust from the coaster. There are a lot of neighborhoods up and down the coast sandwiched’ between the beach, the train and the freeway; and it is my observation that they all have this black soot on their sills and window screens.
Another challenge to cleaning windows on the beach is the heavy salt content in the air, which corrodes aluminum frames. Clear Choice window cleaning is adept at repairing and rebuilding screen-frames. Clear Choice has repaired screens damaged by salt-water corrosion in Leucadia, Encinitas, Del Mar, Solana Beach, Cardiff by the Sea, Carlsbad, Oceanside.
It is the custom of beachfront construction to build tall and narrow buildings. The obvious challenge here is to access all of the windows. Narrow stairways often flank the north and south sides of these three story homes. There is a real art to the ladder-work involved in efficiently, effectively and safely navigating the ubiquitous beachfront home in San Diego. The Clear Choice window washing service of Carlsbad has been safely cleaning the high windows of homes on the coast of North San Diego County for over a decade. For more information visit my site

screen cleaning

Power-Washing screen doors and cleaning window screens.

. Clear Choice Window Cleaning has observed that the common debris that collects on the nylon fabric of window-screens and screen doors is dust and lint. Dust, bug debris and fine particulate plant matter can usually be found on the exterior side of screens, while household lint can usually be found on the interior side. While screens are often thought of as a way to keep out bugs, they also act as filters: composed of a fine mesh of nylon threads they tend to trap dirt. The dirtier they get the more the tiny holes in the threads fill in, consequently trapping smaller and smaller particles.

I have found the best way to clean screens is to first brush them with a dry horse-hair brush. This will remove most of the dirt and lint buildup. Next scrub them on either side with soap and water by means of a second brush (soft nylon or horse-hair bristled). third rinse them with a garden hose and let them dry. Additional scrubbing may be necessary to remove bee pollen, which is common in North San Diego County Carlsbad.

Its important to examine a screen before vigorous brushing. Old screen material tears easily. The persistence of the sun here in southern california breaks down the nylon threads over time. If your screens look silvery-white they are due for a re-screening. Clear Choice window cleaning provides on-sight screen repair for all the buildings and homes they service. Another element that breaks down screens is the high salt content in the damp air near the coast. The salt breaks down the aluminum frames as it does to most metals. Since Clear Choice Window Cleaning service is centered in Carlsbad California we are adept at solving this problem by building new window-screen frames on-sight.

Sliding screen doors are especially difficult to clean since they are not easily removed and removing them from their tracts can damage the wheels they roll on, which are usually plastic. It is worth the extra money to buy an expensive screen door with metal wheels for this reason. The best way to clean a sliding screen door without removing it is first to approach it from the outside and, while the sliding door is shut, brush its exterior side with a dry horse-hair brush. Next, open the sliding door and approach it from the inside, brushing the interior side. You may have to repeat this process several times as screen doors can hold a lot of dirt. Next use soap and water to brush down the exterior of the screen. Keeping the sliding door closed you can usually hose down the screen without getting any water inside your house. While your at it you might as well rinse out the tracts as well.

All this discussion brings us to a question i was asked yesterday, Is power washing a good way to clean screens? Pressure-washing, a service that Clear Choice provides, is a continuous blast of water. Its the high velocity the water attains, as it shoots from a pressurized tank, that knocks debris form its hold on any surface. Pressure washing is a great way to clean the entire exterior of your house. Pressure washing after the fires that struck North San Diego County in late 2007 was a much needed service because it effectively washed away the soot and ash. Of course the screens of homes in Escondido, Vista, Fallbrook, Oceanside, Carlsbad, San Marcos, Encinitas, Rancho Bernardo, were caked with ash. The simple answer is, yes: Pressure-washing , a.k.a power washing is a great way to clean screens. Visit my site

Hello North San Diego County!

Pressure Washing
Hi Im starting this blog to show off my work. The Clear choice ( started in 1999 out of Oceanside California.  In 2004 I became a member of the San Diego better business bureau.  In 2008 my company expanded to form a partnership.  The Clear Choice Window Cleaning continues to grow in response to word of mouth referrals from happy customers.  We offer a complete window washing service, pressure washing and screen repair.  The Clear Choice is based in Carlsbad and services all of North County San Diego.  It is my hope new clients will be able to view pictures of my work on this blog.

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