Replacing Sliding Screen Doors

Clear Choice Window Cleaning service, based in Carlsbad, is now happy to offer customscreen door replacement. We build screen doors to match any door size. Clear Choice Window Cleaning provides custom-sized screen doors at less cost than most providers and we use better materials than our competetors.

Standard sliding glass door sizes are less common in the modern home so we have adapted to meet the demand for custom sized screen doors. Ours is a complete service, from measuring the door frame to installing the new sliding screen door. Our doors are top quality featuring sturdy frames and metal wheels for an easy glide. By using quality material to build our sliding screen doors we solve the common problems that home owners experiance with screen doors: doors that do not slide well and are therefore hard to open or close and doors that have bent out of shape and no longer close.

Our superior quality sliding screen doors are available in standard sizes as well as custom sizes. Its easy to replace a standard screen door and the temptation to run down to Home Depot to pick up the cheapest one is common, however the cheapest screen doors fall apart quickly, do not slide well and do not fit well.
On my own home I replaced the same screen door three times. I went to Home Depot and picked up the cheapest one and installed it and found that it was of unacceptable quality, so I took it back and picked up the more expensive one and found it was not any better, so I went back and purchased the most expensive door I could find there and still I was not happy with the materials it was made from; it had plastic wheels and was made from the same low gauge aluminum as the cheap one. After this experience I decided the only way to get a good quality door was to build it myself and have been doing so ever since. View Site

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