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Washing Windows on the Beach

Why do the windows of my coastal home require so much cleaning? This is a question I am often asked. For over a decade I have operated Clear Choice Window Cleaning Service in the beach cities of LaJolla, Del Mar, Cardiff by the Sea, Solana Beach, Encinitas, Leucadia, Carlsbad and Oceanside; during which I have had much time to contemplate the grime i was cleaning off windows and screens and window-tracts and window-sills. The basic reason that coastal homes get so dirty is because there is nothing shielding them from the greatest expanse on earth: the Pacific Ocean. West of the beach there are no trees or hills or bluffs or even sand dunes to catch what the wind carries. And the natural cooling effect of the cold Pacific water creates on-shore winds most afternoons, so there is a steady current of wind-blown debris coming inland every day.
I once lived right across the street from the beach. There was only one house between my living room window and the ocean. While my windows got plenty dirty I knew that they where significantly less dirty than the tall house in front of me. I know this from experience. Whenever I wash the windows of a house right on the beach it is always dirtier than one on the leeward side of the street, furthermore as one goes a few blocks inland homes suffer significantly less from the fallout of windblown debris.
Washing windows on the coast of North San Diego can be a frustrating task even for a professional. One often has to wash a window several times before it looks clean(salt tends to leave a film and is resistant to the effects of soap), and windblown sand- grains can cause the squeegee blade to streak. Also every surface resides in a damp condition so dirt tends to stick to the side of a building like it was a wet paper towel. What kind of filth can a person expect to find on their beachfront windows? Salt, bird-shit, sand, plant debris from the cattails in lagoons, a whales bad breath, smog from Honolulu… But what is this black powdery grime that cakes on every ledge and sill?
You may wonder as I have, what on gods green earth is that black grime all over my window sills? Well the answer is that it does not actually come from nature; as one would guess the truly awful stuff comes from our own hands—well figuratively it comes from our hands, literally it is combination of car-tire rubber from Interstate 5 mixed with exhaust from the coaster. There are a lot of neighborhoods up and down the coast sandwiched’ between the beach, the train and the freeway; and it is my observation that they all have this black soot on their sills and window screens.
Another challenge to cleaning windows on the beach is the heavy salt content in the air, which corrodes aluminum frames. Clear Choice window cleaning is adept at repairing and rebuilding screen-frames. Clear Choice has repaired screens damaged by salt-water corrosion in Leucadia, Encinitas, Del Mar, Solana Beach, Cardiff by the Sea, Carlsbad, Oceanside.
It is the custom of beachfront construction to build tall and narrow buildings. The obvious challenge here is to access all of the windows. Narrow stairways often flank the north and south sides of these three story homes. There is a real art to the ladder-work involved in efficiently, effectively and safely navigating the ubiquitous beachfront home in San Diego. The Clear Choice window washing service of Carlsbad has been safely cleaning the high windows of homes on the coast of North San Diego County for over a decade. For more information visit my site