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Commercial Window Cleaning

Clear Choice Window Cleaning of Carlsbad enjoys working with property managers and business owners in San Diego county. Our competitively priced service aims to keep the windows of commercial properties clean all year. We have found over the years that by keeping the cost of our service low we have encouraged our customers to clean the windows of their workplace more than once a year. This has been a win/win arrangement for both the client and the Clear Choice. Many buildings are now able keep their working environment clean by scheduling semi-annual or quarterly window cleanings. In an office building that is comprised mostly of glass our service has brightened the workspaces of many people. We love what we do and enjoy working outdoors. We are happiest when we can improve the home or working environments of the hardworking folks in our north county community.

Clear Choice is happy to help our commercial cliental maximize the benefit of our service by tailoring a schedule which takes into consideration local weather patterns and other factors that cause windows to get dirty. We are happy to make recommendations that help keep windows clean, such as aiming sprinkler heads away from the glass as this can cause hard-water stains. Clear Choice offers an effective way to remove hard-water mineral deposits that have bonded with glass over time. Also we are always happy to help a company get ready for big events, those times when it is important to impress out-of-town associates with a clean building.