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Removing hard-water spots

Clear Choice Window Cleaning of Carlsbad would like to take this opportunity to write specifically about hard-water stains on windows. Hard-water is mineral laden water. Some minerals bond molecularly to glass. When water heavy in minerals evaporates it leaves behind minerals. Over time the minerals collect. This is seen on windows as a milky film or milky spots. Water from our local municipality is full of minerals, some naturally occurring and some added to kill bacteria. The common way that windows receive a buildup of mineral material is from sprinklers that spray directly onto glass. It is important to aim sprinkler heads so that they spray away from your building because hard-water deposits are not easily removed and will necessitate the cost of replacement if this matter is not addressed.

There are two methods of removing hard-water stains from glass. One is to employ a battery of noxious acid products that are difficult and dangerous to work with. Clear Choice has experimented with all of these products and has found a much more effective, non-toxic solution. Clear Choice employs a mild abrasive clay product that buffets away mineral deposits without harming the glass. Fortunately glass is a harder substance than the minerals that bond with it so they can be buffeted out if the damage is not too severe. There is much labor involved in this process but it is far cheaper than replacing a window. By this method windows with only moderate hard-water deposits come completely clean, heavily damaged (partially opaque) windows become greatly improved, while severely damaged windows (totally opaque) should be replaced. It is the aim of Clear Choice to save building-owners the expense of replacing windows by employing our tried and true method of hard-water spot removal in North San Diego County. Contact us and find out what you can do to save the windows of your commercial property or home.