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Interior Window Cleaning

The Cleanest Method of Cleaning Windows Indoors.
The stormy weather we have been having lately In San Diego County has prompted some of my customers to inquire about the methods Clear Choice Window Cleaning of Carlsbad employs to clean interior windows. Due to the muddy ground outside many people have just had their carpets cleaned and are concerned that their window cleaner could track in mud or drip onto the carpet as they wash windows indoors. I am quick to point out that a truly professional window cleaning service takes great pains to avoid tracking anything in from outdoors and has the skill and equipment necessary to avoid dripping on any interior surface. I would like to enumerate here on the checklist I run through before beginning my work on the inside of any home. It is a list I put my co-workers and Employees through before we start any job.
Number one. I examine my clothing to make sure my appearance is neat and clean. Usually I bring two pairs of shoes to any job. A pair of Shoes for inside the home: which are new, white, and never worn outside for any reason, and a pair for outside work which are never worn inside for any reason. I make sure I arrive in a clean pair of socks and keep extras in my truck because I often work inside without shoes. I find that working in a new clean pair of socks inspires the most confidence from homeowners and is just a polite way of entering home; I find that most people don’t wear shoes in their own homes.
Secondly, I examine all my equipment. Ladders, buckets, tools, towels and tool belts must be clean and completely free of debris. I always arrive to any job with clean towels and take time to wipe down my ladders, especially the feet of ladders and the bottoms of buckets to make sure that I don’t set anything dirty on the carpet.
Next, upon entering a home I work in a methodical direction so I do not have to backtrack or miss anything. I bring a high-powered portable vacuum with me to clean the sills, window-tracts and any cobwebs or flies that may have accumulated near the windows. I place a large towel beneath every surface I clean to catch any drips. I wring out my sponges and strip-washer in a bucket before every window to remove excess water and I keep my tools clean and in their watertight scabbards when not in use.
Last, I always clean the interior windows before I clean the exterior windows. This insures that I do not track anything in by going in and out. It takes a professional to work on every home in this manner because many windows have screens and access from the outside can by tricky. There is actually a fair bit of thought that goes into setting oneself up to work outside without having to go back inside to close a window or fit a screen back in its place.