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Cleaning off Algae

After this long wet winter and recent coastal eddie you may be experiencing a bloom of green algae on your patio concrete, roof tiles, or even the north-facing exterior of your home. Green algae loves to hid in rain gutters, and if your rain-gutters have not been cleaned out, they have damp soil in them; a perfect ecology for algae. Clear Choice Window Cleaning of Carlsbad, CA. has been having great success removing green algae from residences in North County San Diego. We have found that the best way to remove green algae is to blast it away with a steady stream of water at high velocity. We employ the latest pressure washing technology to accomplish this. We safely clean entire roofs of algae to restore the tiles to their original color. When a blackened roof returns to its true, light red-clay color the transformation is remarkable.

I would like to offer a few tips regarding algae removal. It is important to do a thorough job of it. Algae will follow the course of water in its growth pattern so start from the crest of your roof and work downward. (by all means us a rope-anchoring system up there, for wet algae is mighty slippery). Make sure to clean out your rain gutters and wash all debris down your walls and off your concrete onto your lawn and landscape. Algae will not harm your grass or landscape for this is its proper home wherein it provides nutrients to your soil. Also the townships of North County San Diego forbid rinsing any material down storm drains even if it is organic. Use a powerful machine, but make sure the nozzle does not concentrate the water-jet too much; as the wrong nozzle attachment can cause damage.

This blog is about green algae because it is the most common type of algae growing in our area and it can be cleaned off. Be aware that there is a type of black algae that grows deep roots and does not come off. Black algae loves to root itself into stucco walls. In which case the best thing to do is power-wash it to remove all the organic matter that you can, kill it with stain-kill and paint over it. For black algae re-painting is the only solution, because it effectively cuts off the plant from its oxygen source. Clear Choice is proud to offer our competitively priced and experienced painting service.

Clear Choice’s competitively priced pressure washing service is an economical way to safely and effectively clean the entire exterior surface of your home. After which we will give you a discount price on cleaning your windows. For more information regarding our services and to contact us visit: carlsbadwindowcleaningpro.com