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Power-Washing screen doors and cleaning window screens.

. Clear Choice Window Cleaning has observed that the common debris that collects on the nylon fabric of window-screens and screen doors is dust and lint. Dust, bug debris and fine particulate plant matter can usually be found on the exterior side of screens, while household lint can usually be found on the interior side. While screens are often thought of as a way to keep out bugs, they also act as filters: composed of a fine mesh of nylon threads they tend to trap dirt. The dirtier they get the more the tiny holes in the threads fill in, consequently trapping smaller and smaller particles.

I have found the best way to clean screens is to first brush them with a dry horse-hair brush. This will remove most of the dirt and lint buildup. Next scrub them on either side with soap and water by means of a second brush (soft nylon or horse-hair bristled). third rinse them with a garden hose and let them dry. Additional scrubbing may be necessary to remove bee pollen, which is common in North San Diego County Carlsbad.

Its important to examine a screen before vigorous brushing. Old screen material tears easily. The persistence of the sun here in southern california breaks down the nylon threads over time. If your screens look silvery-white they are due for a re-screening. Clear Choice window cleaning provides on-sight screen repair for all the buildings and homes they service. Another element that breaks down screens is the high salt content in the damp air near the coast. The salt breaks down the aluminum frames as it does to most metals. Since Clear Choice Window Cleaning service is centered in Carlsbad California we are adept at solving this problem by building new window-screen frames on-sight.

Sliding screen doors are especially difficult to clean since they are not easily removed and removing them from their tracts can damage the wheels they roll on, which are usually plastic. It is worth the extra money to buy an expensive screen door with metal wheels for this reason. The best way to clean a sliding screen door without removing it is first to approach it from the outside and, while the sliding door is shut, brush its exterior side with a dry horse-hair brush. Next, open the sliding door and approach it from the inside, brushing the interior side. You may have to repeat this process several times as screen doors can hold a lot of dirt. Next use soap and water to brush down the exterior of the screen. Keeping the sliding door closed you can usually hose down the screen without getting any water inside your house. While your at it you might as well rinse out the tracts as well.

All this discussion brings us to a question i was asked yesterday, Is power washing a good way to clean screens? Pressure-washing, a service that Clear Choice provides, is a continuous blast of water. Its the high velocity the water attains, as it shoots from a pressurized tank, that knocks debris form its hold on any surface. Pressure washing is a great way to clean the entire exterior of your house. Pressure washing after the fires that struck North San Diego County in late 2007 was a much needed service because it effectively washed away the soot and ash. Of course the screens of homes in Escondido, Vista, Fallbrook, Oceanside, Carlsbad, San Marcos, Encinitas, Rancho Bernardo, were caked with ash. The simple answer is, yes: Pressure-washing , a.k.a power washing is a great way to clean screens. Visit my site