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Building and Repairing Window Screens

Clear Choice Window Cleaning of Carlsbad is happy to offer tips for repairing and replacing window screens. If you have a screen that is in good condition but the meshing is torn, than it may only be necessary to replace the nylon mesh. This involves taking the old mesh out by pulling out the rubber seal, than stretching new screen mesh over the frame. This requires a little practice, the right tools and a method for achieving the right tension in the stretch (too much tension will bow the screen frame inward, too little will make pillowy folds that billow in the wind.) If the frame itself is damaged than it is best to replace it with a new screen.

Since windows come in all brands and sizes it is best to build a screen using the old screen as a guide. When you remove the screen from the window take note of how easy or difficult it is to remove. If the screen is very tight and hard to remove than it is a tad too tall or wide, if it pops out almost on its own it is too loose and needs more hight or width. You can make note of these dimensions and adjust them when you build a new frame.
There is a variety of screen frame material on the market, most are a varying gauge of aluminum. Tract homes in North San Diego County feature frames of a ubiquitous thin gauge aluminum that is easy to cut and generally easiest to work with. The advantage of this type of screen-frame is that it seats neatly in most window wells, but there are custom windows that it does not fit. Custom windows sometimes feature a very marginal recess for the screen to seat into. In order to properly square a frame in certain custom windows it will be necessary to use a high gauge aluminum material.

In addition to window cleaning Clear Choice offers screen repair and replacement service to North County San Diego. While cleaning windows we customarily remove and clean screens and make note of any that need repair or replacement. It is our aim to provide a comprehensive and cost effective service to each and every one of our valued customers.