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Cleaning Window Frames and Window Tracks

In my occupation as window cleaner, owner-operator of Clear Choice Window Cleaning of Carlsbad, I have come across many dirty window frames and window tracks. Vacuuming window tracks is part of my customary window cleaning service, and so is wiping down window frames when needed. In addition to cleaning window frames I also vacuum and wipe down window sills, and when it is necessary I will brush around the vertical and overhanging surfaces of a window’s recess to remove spider webs and dust.

Vinyl window frames are easiest to clean and respond well to soap and water. I use a clean sponge to wipe them down and a clean lint free rag to dry them. Near the coast of San Diego’s North County, the moist air and ambient sunlight provide the ideal conditions to support the growth of black mold. Water vapor that collects on window surfaces runs down to pool at the bottom of window tracts. The access to water and ambient sunlight found directly near a window provide the perfect petri dish for this insidious pest. I have found that the best way to clean out tracks, where this mold is growing, is to spray on them a liberal amount of denatured rubbing alcohol. A vinyl surface will clean up nicely with alcohol and the alcohol will kill the mold. After I have cleaned a tract that was black with mold I like to spray it again with denatured alcohol and let it pool there and run into the cracks and corners of the frame. This will ensure that any mold that I was unable to remove will die. This kind of deep cleaning is a special service performed only upon specific request.

When you have cleaned windows professionally for as long as I have you will come across every kind of debris that collects on and around windows. I had a customer request that I remove the window tracks and clean underneath them, as the mold that collected in them was so prevalent. After inspecting her windows I declined the job as it would require removing some of her windows and taking apart some of her window frames. The job was above my pay-grade and skill set. 
 Up to this point I am not a window installation service, only a cleaning service. The job in question required a marriage of these two trades. I am happy to recommend a window instillation service and have found a small business that I can trust to recommend.