Water Spots and Clouded Windows

Clear Choice Window Cleaning has observed that water-spots and beclouded windows are two common problems a homeowner comes across when cleaning their windows. If you have thoroughly cleaned a window inside and out and it still looks opaque than you might have water trapped between pane’s of glass. Most windows these days are dual paned; they are composed of two panes of glass with a pocket of gas sandwiched between. If you examine the edges and corners of a dual-paned window you will notice the space between each pain of glass. On some windows the space between the interior pane and the exterior pain is only a fraction of an inch, on others it is as much as an inch or more. To determine if you have dual pained windows consider three things, First if your home is relatively new it must necessarily have dual-pained windows because this is in keeping with modern building code. Secondly, the sliding portion of a window must be relatively light in order to move it back and forth in its track. If you look carefully at the edges and frame of your glass and determine the thickness of the entire window consider that if the whole composition were entirely comprised of glass it would be extremely heavy, probably too heavy to lift or easily slide back and forth. And third, you should be able to see internal rubber weather stripping between the panes and, or an internal spacing frame of plastic or aluminum.
What do duel pained windows have to do with a window that simply will not come clean. If the window in question looks cloudy, usually an opaque milky white, it probably has water trapped between the internal pane of glass and the external pane of glass. This happens when the airtight seal around the edges of the glass breaks down allowing moister to seep between the glass panes. Once between the glass the water has trouble getting out. As the sun heats up the glass the trapped water clouds, then as it cools, condenses again. This happens over and over again unless the em water is freed and the window is re-sealed. Clear Choice Window Cleaning Service of San Diego recommends replacing any windows with this problem as a sure fire solution to the problem. Try mellonwindowanddoor@yahoo.com. It is possible to draw the moisture out of the window by drilling a small hole in the glass and vacuuming the water out with specifically designed equipment but this does not solve the initial problem of preventing moisture from getting between the glass in the first place, i.e addressing the problem of a compromised seal.
What about a buildup of water-spots on the window? A buildup of water spots on a window that shows no sign of clouding is probably an external problem. Hard-water: water that is heavy with elements, deposits all its molecularly bonded material when it evaporates. These deposits bake onto the glass when it heats up in the sun because glass gets to very high temperatures in direct sunlight, these elements actually etch themselves into the glass. This is a typical problem that develops when tap-water, which is high in minerals and elements, consistently washes over glass. To determine if hard water is staining the external side of your window, first clean it, then rub your fingers across its external surface and then go inside and feel its internal surface. Compare how The interior of the window feels to the outside surface. A clean undamaged window should feel smooth to the touch. If the outside of the window feels rougher than the inside and there is obvious water spots that do not wash off no matter how much you scrub than they are indeed on the external surface of the glass.
Hard-water stains are most often caused by sprinkler systems. Clear Choice Window Cleaning Service also has a sprinkler installation devision: Clear Choice Irrigation of North County San Diego is well adept at offering an on the spot solution. Often a minor adjustment to a nozzle or moving a sprinkler head will solve the problem. The next thing to address is the window itself. Clear Choice Window Cleaning of San Diego does employ a method that safely removes hard-water stains, hard water spots, calcium and mineral buildup on windows and other glass surfaces such as shower-doors and mirrors. site “>

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